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Wood Watch from Jord!

I have been fortunate enough to try a new style watch from Jord. These are the wood watches I posted last year and they are amazing! I love this one even more that my last. This time I got the Cassia series in walnut and vintage rose and it is so pretty. The color combination makes for such a classy look, I have already gotten so many compliments on it. The rose gold face draws attention and I really like the thinner band, it is not what I usually go for but I am completely obsessed. The double row of rose gold through the wood band completes it perfectly. These watches are really conversation starters. Once you tell someone it is made out of wood they want to see it closer and admire it.

I highly recommend checking them out, they have such great women’s and men’s styles, plus Jord has customizable options which makes these great gifts as well. You can get the back of your watch engraved OR get the wood box it comes in engraved with a message. It is such a great idea! I love that you can personalize it. You can also send in your measurements to have your watch delivered already sized. That makes it so easy to just receive it in the mail and wear it right away.

I have the chance for you guys to enter a giveaway for a chance to win a $100 gift code to Jord! Click here to enter: and good luck! Check out the photos below and head over to Jord to see what else they have, you will love them all!





Style, the.B.Law

Jord Wood Watches

I love wearing watches, not only for the obvious reason to tell time, but because they make a statement. Watches can be a vital part of a look, the part that stands out. I prefer the ones that stand out a bit, whether they be rose gold, have some bling around the face, or two toned, they are usually eye catching and I tend to get a lot of compliments. This is a great conversation starter with really anyone, it is something simple to bond over. The three watches I have are pretty and shiny, but common you could say. I still love them, but I see them around often.

I just recently got a new addition and my wishes for a unique watch have been granted! Check it out, it’s a WOOD watch from Jord! I didn’t even know you could make a watch out of wood, how cool! It looks so nice and classy, and just the fact that it is wood, when other people see it they have to ask about it. Mine is called the Frankie. I love a watch with a large face which is why I chose this style, but they have tons of other styles and color tones as well for men and women. I found these at the right time because I am in desperate need of Christmas present ideas. Jord even has custom engraving on their site! Personalized gifts can be the best, especially for family.


I have a great deal to share with you all, click my link here to get a coupon for 25% off a Jord wood watch! If you want to check it out here are a few more links to get you there faster: my watch is here, the women’s shop is here, and the men’s shop is here. Check them out and enjoy!