A Day With a Two Year Old- The Mall 

My bffffff wanted to go to the mall for a couple things, so she met me at my parents so we could go together. When I took the car seat from my sister she asked if I wanted the stroller. I told her no I wouldn’t need it. Well, I needed it. My bffffff and I decided to take on the mall without a stroller! My niece wanted to walk so we said only if she holds our hands. We each took a hand so that she would have no free hands. It worked for the most part, until she would slip her hand out of one of ours and literally touch everything in reach! When we were inside stores we held her though. She actually did really well to my surprise. There were no temper tantrums on the floor and nothing broken. Go aunties for conquering the mall! 


A Day With a Two Year Old- 2:30 PM: Leaves Glorious Leaves! 

So I only got her to take a nap while in the car, but when we got to my parents’ house I had to wake her up.


 Although she only slept for about 15-20 minutes, she woke up so energized. We were sitting in the back yard with my parents and my niece’s dad, and she spent a good 15 minutes running back and forth to the lemon tree and grabbing one leaf at a time and bringing them to me. Toddlers are entertained by the simplest things in life.  


A Day With a Two Year Old- 12:00 PM: Dino-Nugget Stare Down

I don’t understand why eating is such a hard task. I love to eat whenever I can! But this little girl thinks it’s torture. It’s lunch time. She asked me for chicken so I slaved over the hot microwave for a whole minute! She ate a piece and decided she was done. Thus started the Dino-Nugget stare down. I told her to eat, she told me no. WHAT?! I imprisoned her at the table until she was done. I won! 

Auntie: 1 / Toddler: 0