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5 Recent Things – 6/19/22

I have been trying to make super small changes lately, and I am pleased. Here are 5 things I have done over the last couple weeks and small as they may be, have made a difference:

  1. Picked out my outfit every night for the next day
  2. Packed my protein shakes and greens and all the healthy things I am trying to drink the night before
  3. Worked out (almost) every day, no matter how small the workout (I think I have missed one day)
  4. Read – actually finished my book
  5. Talked writing with my sister and it is motivating me

I want to keep going with these changes and adding more. Not huge, huge can feel daunting and then I feel I tend to put them off. Little changes will add up to big ones. Something I want to add this week is write. Even if it is a little something. A small blog like this, a poem, a few sentences. Just something to get me started.

Here is to small changes and growing big goals. xoxo

Happy Father’s Day to tall the dads out there!