Style, the.B.Law


Lately I have been feeling my style changing into something I have wanted for a long time. Is that weird to say? I feel as if I have been stalking and studying this style for some time, but have not been able to achieve yet. The style of N E U T R A L S.

I have often, and still currently, have long conversations with my sister on how to achieve the neutral style classification. Our problem always being drawn to colors, and bright colors at that. Although I still love a bright outfit, over that past few months I have been collecting more neutral items, tops specifically, and leaving bright pieces as more of special statement pieces. Finally last month, I really felt it come together. For a week straight I just kept picking out neutral outfits and feeling really good about it. I think one of the best things about it is that the pieces for the most part all go together, meaning the combination options are endless.

I am still trying to put my own flare into the neutral game. I don’t want to just wear solids so I have been mixing in different patterns, textures, and even graphic tees. I am excited for cooler weather so I can really step into this new style more. I want to really get creative with it.

My current favorite inspiration for neutrals is Christina from @newdarlings, her vibe in everything is seriously so amazing.

Links below to some of my current faves (some are on sale too!)