Basically Custom

I have a serious issue when it comes to stationary, and by issue I mean I am obsessed with it. I can’t make it by the notebook aisle to save my life. Whenever little packs of blank note cards are in the sale section, I am buying three packs. I just love this stuff! I blame having an English degree and loving to write. That is my scapegoat and I am sticking to it!

Another thing I have been obsessed with recently is customization. Anything I have been able to customize lately, I have been doing it. So far it has been a lot of graphics and stickers. But the best thing has happened. I found Basic Invite, a site that lets you CUSTOMIZE STATIONARY! You can only imagine my excitement. 

I was playing on their site and there is just so much you can do! So many colors (like 180)! So many options! I started with personalized notecards, OBVIOUSLY! I was surprised how easy it was. I literally designed my whole card in less than 10 minutes. Also I am gushing at the cute pattern on the back. I didn’t even think about adding something like that until it prompted me. Then the envelopes! Basic Invite has 40 COLOR OPTIONS of envelopes! You don’t have to go with plain old white if you don’t want… even though I did here. Don’t judge me, sometimes a girl likes to keep it simple and classy. I mean, look how cute this is!!

Basic Invite just has so many things you can make. I am a person who loves paper, if you couldn’t tell. This is true for me as well when it comes to invitations, holiday cards, and announcements. I love sending these, and I love receiving these. Sending and receiving as in the mail. I had just designed and sent out invitations right before I found Basic Invite, and I wish I could have used them. It would have saved me a lot of time. It is perfect timing however, for my little sister who recently graduated with her Masters degree, because Basic Invite also offers college graduation announcements, along with a ton of college graduation announcement templates! I wish I had these options when I was graduating college because these are so darn cute, and just as customizable as the stationary I designed above. I have already sent their link to my sister. Hey sis, when you are looking at those announcements, don’t forget the graduation party announcements too! We love a good party!

So BASICALLY, I highly recommend Basic Invite. It is definitely a company that will get repeated use for all life events. They have a promo code right now for 15% off, and you can bet I am using it because finding a good deal is my jam. Use code 15FF51 at checkout to apply your 15% off discount!

Check them out on Insta! I mean isn’t that the only way we really check people out these days? @basicinvite