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GRL Collective

I got a pair of earrings from my friends over at GRL Collective and I AM SO IN LOVE! When I say friends that isn’t just a nice formality, the founder of GRL Collective, Kristine, is one of my sorority sisters, we were actually in the same pledge class and it is so amazing to see what she had created.


GRL Collective has a ton of hand made jewelry, I believe mostly earrings, but they are so much more than that. Kristine, a survivor of child sexual abuse, wants to help educate young girls on how to prevent this type of abuse. Through research she found that one in every two girls in India is sexually abused. She got the idea for the brand when she went on a 40 day volunteer trip to Jodhpur, India, where she got to volunteer at the Sambhali Trust which runs a “no bad touch” program. The trust has two guest houses and several empowerment centers that help young girls with medical care, have a place to live, and access to schools, tutors and education.

“Education is empowering and it is the key to escaping poverty. GRL Collective is a for profit company that has partnered with non- profit, The Sambhali Trust to provide these young girls scholarships to continue their education,” -GRL Collective

A portion of every item purchased goes to funding girls at the Sambhali trust. Through GRL Collective you can also get the chance to volunteer, whether locally in Los Angeles where they work with the Downtown Women’s Center, or internationally as there is a three week trip to Jodhpur, India coming up in October. Seeing everything that Kristine is doing and knowing her story literally gives me chills. Reading her page (and I have done so many times) fills my heart, I am so proud to see her doing such good. Also all of the styles are named after different women, how fun is that! This is not just a fun brand with cute jewelry, this is a brand that is changing the world and I fully support them.


Check out the GRL Collective website here – GRL Collective. My earrings are the “Nellies” and are part of their Palm Springs line, linked here (if you know or follow me you know how obsessed I am with Palm Springs!). My next will definitely have to be these flamingo ones linked here, *insert heart eyes*! Please check them out, you will fall in love I promise you, and if you get yourself a pair, know you are helping to make a difference. These young girls need us!


26 Years Young

So today is my birthday, I am now 26. I don’t fully know how I feel about this. I have been told twice that this is now considered late 20’s but I refuse to believe that. In my opinion 24-26 are considered mid 20’s because hello, they are in the middle! Someone else told me that it is just a downhill slope from here. Again, refusing to believe this! But as my birthday approached I was worried that they were right! I had no urge or want to do anything for my birthday, or at least nothing big. I feel like it would be silly of me to plan something for my birthday because I am 26, it doesnt seem important. But my bfffff came down last night and we went to get milkshakes at Ruby’s on the pier. They were amazing and it was nice and laid back. I love the beach in the winter because there is no one there. Anyways, I was reflecting on the past 25 years of my life since I am starting a new quarter. I was feeling kind of down about it like I don’t have that much to show for it except for a B.A. in English, which basically means I am a bad ass at English, and a job that doesn’t have anything to do with my degree. But there it is, hanging up on the wall in my office.

But as I was starting down the path of self-deprecation I paused. Even though I have a degree that I am not currently using, I still got that degree. In my first quarter of life I had completed all of my schooling from start to finish. Not only do I have an education, I also have a job, a great boyfriend, and great friends. So maybe I am not exactly where I thought I would be at this age, but I am not in a bad place. I now have a whole new quarter to start getting to where I want to be now that I have all of the fundamentals down.

So here is to 26, let’s see what I can do!

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