That New New – Pt. 1

I cannot believe it is May already. Last time I wrote seems like a million years ago, except it was only March and we weren’t in quarantine yet. So much has changed in these past six weeks, and although it is painfully annoying that life feels on hold and we can’t do what we love to do, it has also been an exciting time I have to admit.

Let’s take it back to my last post (linked here if you need a refresher), I ended it with:

At this current point in time, I am not feeling lost, I am feeling content, and dare I say… happy? Yes I said it, I am feeling genuinely happy, but not without reason. Something has happened since I originally started this post. Something you will hear about soon enough. So for now just know, we are doing okay 😊… 👇🏼 … 👀

my cheeks should be burnt from the amount of times youve made me blush.

So what is this reason? Through all of this fun, and complaining, and being over dramatic that I was going to die alone, through all my friends and family WHO HAVE SIGNIFICANT OTHERS telling me “it will happen when you least expect it,” and bah blah, yeah gag me with a spoon, through all that something happened…

Cue Lizzo, “Somebody come get this man, I think he got lost in my DMs, WHAT?”

But like that is what happened. He just slid on in, asking me on a date before he went back to… wait for it……… MONTANA. He was leaving in three days. I didn’t see his message for ten. PS- this was on January 19th.

I responded ten days later, and the only reason I responded was because he said he was just camping with my sister all weekend and she told him about me (obviously confirmed this with her first), but turns out his sister is one of my sister’s good friends. So at least I knew he wasn’t a psycho (plus he was allllllll the way in Montana so what was the harm?). I told him sorry I just saw this, blah blah blah, ended with if you’re in Cali again soon we can get a drink.

The end.

Maybe two weeks later, we have casual responses to Instagram stories. Then like CONVERSATIONS were starting? Still what was the harm? He lives in Montana, and he clearly said in a conversation when I asked when he moved there, “I’m not planning on leaving Montana.” I am much better and braver at talking to guys when I know nothing is going to happen.

February 23rd, and yes I know the date because I spent forever on our Insta conversation scrolling allll the way up to see when, I decided to be “bold” and throw my number out. Which he took and texted me immediately 😊. I was starting to like him… which really was not smart of me because again, MONTANA. Honestly what made him stand out at first was the fact that he messaged me back right away, he didn’t wait for a certain amount of time to not appear too eager or play whatever game it is guys try to play, and I liked that. I could tell he wanted to talk to me.

Well fast forward, we have now been texting every day for over two months AND FaceTiming almost every day. I actually REALLY like him 🙊, which is strange to me I know because we haven’t actually hung out in person yet.

I am going to leave you at that update for now, can’t ruin it all in one post 😉, plus it is all still developing. BUT if you do follow on Insta (, then you know I bought a plane ticket to Montana in June so uh, STAY TUNED.



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