SUNday Funday

On Sunday I dropped my boyfriend off to go to his training that he will be at for 25 days, so I will have lots of girl time. No hesitation here, right after I dropped him off I went to pick up my bfffff and we were off to Palm Springs! We had been wanting to go there for pictures because we just love the downtown area. We planned this maybe last Thursday (yet we still call ourselves spontaneous. Okay I call it spontaneous and my bfffff reminds me that it is not if it was planned a few days before. I am working on it). She has had this vision to take pictures on a longboard and she has gone back and forth on actually buying one. When we planned this day I said too bad we don’t have a long board yet. We came up with the idea to buy a cheap normal skateboard which she did for like $25 but the top wasn’t plain so she spray painted it. Let’s talk about dedication. She also told me she ordered the longboard too but we were not expecting it to come in within two days. We have this joke that we will do (almost) anything for a cute photo… and the story continues.

We got out to Palm Springs a little after 10am. It was already over 90 degrees but didn’t feel too harsh yet. We had a game plan: park in the center of the downtown strip and take a lap looking for good photo spots. Not seeing any good spots, besides my cactus friends, I remembered the pink wall I saw on the Palm Springs Style Instagram. Turns out it was a mile and a half behind us and a 32 minute walk. We were not walking there, it was getting hotter by the minute.

On our walk back towards the car we decided to cool off in our favorite store on the strip because duh why would you not cool off and shop at the same time? Heavenly Couture, which we discovered has two locations on the strip, has cute clothes with nothing over $16.99. I ended up with a cute top from the first location on sale for $6.99 and a long vest from the second location for $16.99 (both you will see in a later post).

Store, check. Next stop Starbucks for pink drinks. Yes the drinks were strictly for props for our long board photos in front of the pink wall. Told you, anything for a cute pic. Starbucks, check. Don’t drink too much of your pink dribk before the picture even though you are dehydrated from the heat, check. Into the car and blast the AC, check. It was now 106 degrees. We found the pink wall and luckily it is before all of the traffic in downtown. The pink wall is actually the front of a little shopping building with I think 11 little shops called, The Shops at Thirteen Forty-Five. It was the perfect spot for our longboard pictures. The standing pics were fine, even though I was so unsteady on it. Then we tried the rolling videos. It seemed so simple but was not for me. The second part of this mission was to get a video of us riding the board together. We were going to use my tripod for this but didn’t want to do it at the wall so we drove and found a street right around the corner. I set up the tripod and we got ready. By this time it felt like 1,000 degrees and we were dripping sweat. We only got a couple tries in until we both felt like vomiting and decided to go to lunch. Plus my camera felt like it was going to melt.

We ate lunch at our favorite, Las Casuelas, then went to my mom’s so she could record us. Take after take and we finally got one semi good video of us riding the board. It is SO much harder than it looks! We will keep practicing though. Check it out and you can find our style linked below!

My look: Cactus tank – Fairy Season (only $9.79!) | Pink earrings – Charming Charlie (my color isn’t online but there are plenty of other colors linked!) | Striped espadrilles – dv for Target | Skinny jeans – Topshop from Nordstrom

Cher’s look: Gray boyfriend tank – Target (I looked through all 19 pages of Tees and Tanks on the Target website and I cannot find this one but it is one of the ones they always have folded on the tables) | Boyfriend jeans – Old Navy | Pink Adidas – Nordstrom


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