Bikini Motivation

Last week I decided that starting this past Sunday, May 1st, I was going to get my butt in gear and start really working out and eating better. I decided this on Wednesday, so since I had until the 1st I decided I could eat whatever I wanted until then. Although I ate pretty bad, it had good consequences because it made me feel kind of bad but made me excited to start eating healthy. The 1st came around on Sunday and although I didn’t have time to work out because I was busy, I ate healthy and planned out my meals for the week. Yesterday I was ready to work out. I started the week off with a protein day and was pumped to work out when I got home.

On the way up to my apartment after work I got the mail and my new bikini was in from PINK! I was so excited that I tried it on before my run. Let me tell you, there is no better motivation to exercise that trying on a bikini when you are not bikini ready! Wow I was so sad that it didn’t look the way I wanted it to yet, but that feeling fueled me. I got dressed and went out for my cardio and did an ab workout when I got back.

Now it being day three of my attempted health plan, I am struggling a little. I made a nice healthy dinner of salmon and asparagus and went for a run before that. But then I did something bad… after dinner I ate a bowl of cereal. Like a big bowl! I don’t even know why! I wasn’t even hungry, something sweet just sounded good. So now I am here writing this and feeling guilty and like crap. I guess I can’t be too hard on myself, it is only day three and I actually have done cardio two days in a row. I will just have to keep looking at this picture of my new bikini to keep me motivated! Look how cute it is!

The top is amazing because it basically feels and has the look of a sports bra. It is lightly lined with NO underwire and has adjustable straps. Pretty much the perfect top for those of us who do not have much to work with up there. I also love that it is high-waisted but that the sides show skin. It is something I would not usually wear so I am excited to try something new. But with high-waisted bottoms you definitely need to be in shape, there are so many ways this can go wrong, especially with the criss-crossed sides! I cannot be popping out of each criss-cross! No mini muffins here, or as my sister put to perfectly “no looking like a can of biscuits”! I must stay focused and motivated! Please feel free to give me tips!

Shop the look: top- Strappy Front Scoop from PINK | bottoms- High-Waist Bikini Bottom from PINK | glasses- Ray-Ban ORIGINAL WAYFARER

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