Brightening for Spring!

In my last post Patio Ideas I told you about my ideas for my patio, those ideas will go into effect next weekend when I actually get to paint my chairs. But until then, I made a minor upgrade to my kitchen table (which for those of you who have actually been to my place know that my kitchen table is no where near my kitchen but in my living room- I know it sounds strange but weirdly works? #apartmentlife). Anyways, I had bought new gray placemats and towels but hadn’t found gray oven mitts yet. I tried the Dollar Tree while I was out today and found these instead!

They are much brighter in person but how cute are they?! I even got matching placemats. So in all I spent $6 on two new place mats, two new dish towels, and 3 oven mitts. I go to the Dollar Tree for two reasons: One- I’m on a budget and why buy something for $5 when you can get them for $1? Am I right? Two- living with a boy who attempts to cook his way means a lot of ruined oven mitts. Like can’t you pull your frozen pizza out of the oven without getting melted cheese all over the oven mitt? Or please don’t lay your spoon covered in food on top of the oven mitt. See my point? If I get these cheap ones I don’t mind tossing them and getting new ones.

I’m excited to slowly brighten things up for Spring so be sure to check back next weekend to see the patio! Also, thanks to Amanda at Glitter it Gold, I went to Trader Joes to find sunflowers and got these for $3.99!

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