This hair is on Fire!

Wednesday was my hair appointment with my sister, the one and only, most amazing hair colorist in all the land… Nicole Lawrence! Many know her from the Desert Rose Salon in Upland, CA, as Beauty by Nicole Breanne! <You can see her page here> My hair appointments are one of my favorite things because for one, who doesn’t love getting their hair done? Two, I love waiting to see the finished result, and three, I get to spend time with my sister. I had decided I wanted my same color still, but I wanted to add a little something more. The last two times I got my hair done Nicole had been using this new color line she had just got called Jack Winn Color. This has been my favorite that she has used on me so far and she has been doing my hair for years. I love how vibrant the colors are especially my red, and it is so shiny.

Now following the Jack Winn Color Instagram, I found the little something more that I wanted. They posted a picture of long brown hair with just a few blonde balayage pieces. I had a balayage before I went back red and it still shows through a little, but I had never thought of only having a few pieces. I showed Nicole the picture and of course she delivered. I am so in love with what she created, we keep calling it fire. Now I am the girl on fire.

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