Tragic Shorts

A Tragic Short- The Caterpillar

My niece’s birthday party was yesterday. It was a lot of fun and there were a bunch of kiddos in the pool because it was like ridiculously HOT! I went down to the pool to see the kids when one of them swam up to the step to talk to me. She is one of my older sister’s best friend’s (pretty much family) daughter and is 5 years old. She very politely asks me, “Excuse me, can you please take care of this caterpillar that I found?” and holds out her hand to me. I looked at her hand and said, “Sure,” and put my hand out to hers. She dropped the wet caterpillar into my palm. I told her, “I’ll go find a leaf to put it on,” to which she replied, “But is that taking care of it?” I responded to her question, “Yes because it needs to eat.” She looks at me and said, “But it is dead.” “Oh…” I said back and looked down at my hand, “I’ll just go hold it up there for you.”

It was so funny and cute. The look she gave me when she said it was dead was priceless. It was a “hello/obviously” look and I about died but kept my straight face of concern for her caterpillar. By the time she got out of the pool she had completely forgotten about it.


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