Tragic Girls

Wine Thursday? No That’s not Right (May 20, 2014)

Thursday night and Heather and I finally had the night off together. We were going to snack for dinner and watch disney movies. Sounded like a good roomie movie night.
Me: “I’ll make the popcorn!”
Heather: “Okay I’ll open the wine!”
So I start making the popcorn, in a pot of course because it’s so much better than the microwaved bag one, and heather gets the cork screw out to open the wine. The popcorn starts to pop, Heather is still working on the wine. The popcorn is done, Heather is still working on the wine. I poured the popcorn into two bowls and salted it, Heather is still trying to open the wine.
Heather: “Britt I can’t get this.”

She had the corkscrew barely in the cork and couldn’t screw it down any farther so she took it back out. The cork was starting to look a little beat up. I told her I would try, maybe I was strong enough.

I took the bottle and the corkscrew from her and started screwing it in. It seemed to be going good. It kept twisting and twisting and soon started to seem like it wasn’t going farther down into the cork. Suddenly I felt something come loose…


I broke the screw off the corkscrew. I must have been too strong for it. We died laughing. But now what do we do with the screw? We couldn’t get it out of the cork and we don’t have pliers to try it. So now we have a full bottle of wine in our fridge with a corkscrew sticking out of it and we have to be careful to not cut ourselves on it when we get stuff out.

This must be why it’s “Wine Wednesday” and not “Wine Thursday”. Wine bottles refuse to be opened on Thursdays. We got a new opener though to try it again this week!


We will see how it goes. You know us Tragic Girls need us a drink! If we can open it…

Cooking?? (May 16, 2014)

Living on our own means that we need to cook on our own. We have both done our share of cooking when we were living at home. You know, pasta, sandwiches, maybe some chicken, pasta, breakfast stuff like eggs and toast, oh and pasta. Nothing too extravagant or creative. Well Heather and I finally both had two days off in a row together. We took advantage of this and unpacked all of our boxes. This was a challenge. We both moved out of our parents houses with our entire lives worth of stuff and are trying to fit it all in a two bedroom apartment. We did it though. I somehow managed to fit my entire walk in closet from my parents into my normal person sized closet with sliding doors. Don’t ask me how. Anyways all of this unpacking and we were starving and had yet to fill our fridge and cupboards with anything. So we went to Target, our favorite place, to get some food and essentials. We decided on frozen pizzas because pizza just sounded good and since we were both so hungry we each got our own sure that we could each finish the whole thing.

We got home and fired up the oven. According to the directions my pizza was 400°F for 15 minutes and Heather’s was 425°F for 11 minutes. Obviously to cook both of them at the same time we should put them both in at 400°F for 15 minutes. It only makes sense to cook Heather’s longer since it will be 25°F less than it should be, right?

ImageSo then why didn’t it work? My cheese is was burnt and Heather’s pepperoni pizza was literally curling at the edges. These suckers were so hard to cut and made a clinking noise when we put them on our plates. THEN when we ate them the middle was barely even cooked! Wife us up why don’t you. Pizza fail! This was our first meal together in our apartment. Ready for our second one? We skipped potentially burning anything and went straight for a delicious dinner of snacks:

ImageI mean when you can’t decide what snack you want why not just eat them all? No one was here to judge us. Oh and the other snacks not photographed consisted of Doritos, Wheat Thins, cream cheese, and cereal. Needless to say it was a good night followed by a little bit of a stomach ache and a food comma.

Please do not hesitate to share your quick and easy recipes with us. That would be greatly appreciated!

XO- Tragic Girls

Spiders (May 16, 2014)

Heather and I live on our own now. Do you know what that means? It means we have to kill our own freaking spiders. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO THAT? Our first night in the apartment last week we both go to go to bed and what do I see, a spider in my closet!

“HEATHER! What do I do?!”

“Brittany it’s okay!”

“We need to kill it! I can’t do it! I can’t do it! Where is a shoe?”

“Here I can do it since it is in your room!”

Heather grabs my sandal from me. She braces herself and smacks the spider and we both scream. She got it! Commence victory dance! Threw that baby in the toilet and flushed him to his grave!

Four days later while I am at work, Heather texts me and tells me that she just killed two spiders! That is three murders in a week, you go Heather!

“Heather you killed two spiders?”

“Yes and guess where they were? IN MY BED!”

Heather is up three kills so I guess that means the next spider I have to kill. Where are boys when we need them? I mean can’t our dads drive 30 miles each to come kill them? I guess this is part of living on our own. First step independent women, next step spider assassins!