Thanksgiving Style

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a great weekend, I know I did. It was small and nice with family, full of food and obviously style! I had my outfit picked out two days before Thanksgiving even came! It came to me when I was falling asleep, I’ve said before, my best ideas come when I am falling asleep…that can be very frustrating especially when you wake up the next morning and can’t remember, all you remember is that you had a great idea! Anyways, I was in Old Navy and discovered that EVERYTHING was 40% off. I had been looking for a black dress specifically to wear with boots that you’ll soon see, once I see them since I accidentally had them delivered to my parents and didn’t realize before I hit submit checkout. Well I tried on a few black dresses and the one I really liked they didn’t have my size, so while looking around for more I saw they had grey, which although very cute, wouldn’t go with my new boots as they are also grey. The grey dress was by a different black dress that I actually ended up loving and bought, which you’ll see once I get my boots and wear them together (I can’t wait!). 

When I went to bed that night it came to me! I wanted that grey dress now, to wear with my cream knee highs and cognac Madden Girl boots. It sounded perfect. I had the socks and boots, all I needed was the dress, and a long gold necklace. I went to the Old Navy by my work when I got off the next day and of course they did not have my size in the dress. So I went out of my way on the way home to go back to the Old Navy I was at the night before. Luckily they had ONE left in my size. I bought it, I didn’t even try it on, I was sure it would fit. The next day I went to Charming Charlie after work to find a necklace, I had a coupon of course, and ended up making out there! You’ll see these new necklaces throughout my upcoming posts since I am excited to wear them all. I happened to find the exact kind of necklace I was looking for. I love it when things work out this easily! 

In the end, I was very pleased with how this outfit turned out and I already want to wear it again!


My sisters even came in grey dresses! It’s becoming a tradition I think to match on Thanksgiving since my little sister and I did last year too on accident!


Dress: Old Navy

Necklace:  Charming Charlie (the website won’t pull up the correct color even though it says they have it! So this is the black but they have a bunch of colors!)

Ring: Old Navy (for some reason they don’t have their accessories like rings and necklaces online?)

Boots: Madden Girl 3 years ago

Socks: Target last year 

NaNoWriMo Update #2

Writing game is getting stronger! I hit 16,429 words today. The last three days I have actually written to and exceeded the daily word goal. Although still behind, I have managed to keep my end date in December, which I am okay with because I wasn’t pushing myself to finish in November because that was a goal I knew I count hit, and I am not setting myself up for failure here! I can say it, I am writing a novel and it is scary and fun and I am proud of myself! Stay tuned! 

Friendsgiving 2015

Last night my friends and I had this year’s Friendsgiving, hosted again by the lovely Amanda, you may know her from her blog Glitter it Gold, if not, do yourself a favor and check her out. It was a great night of food, friends, and fall fashion! Oh and wine. Amanda did a great job setting up, and cooking the main course obviously.



It was a really fun night and I look forward to continuing this tradition every year. It really made it feel like the holidays are coming, and we all got to wear cute fall outfits! I just got these booties at Target and I LOVE them! The high platform made them so comfy. I wore them all night and never felt the need to take them off. My sweater and flannel are both from Target as well and I was so excited to pair them together. When I saw the booties I knew I had to get them to finish my outfit. Plus I worked an hour of overtime this week which paid for my booties so that means they were like free, right? Right! Check the combination out below!






Sweater, flannel, and boots: Target

Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch

Necklace: Charming Charlie

Word Count

NaNoWriMo word count update: 10,850! 

Yes I am aware I am technically supposed to be at 21,671 words right now but whatever. I had 2 days off for family reasons and slowly but surely I’m catching up. The best part for me is that (besides those two days) I have been writing everyday, no matter how tired I am. Even if I don’t hit the daily goal I am writing everyday, so GO ME! I’ll keep on keeping on! 

The Holidays: Stress or No Stress?

It is almost Thanksgiving! Time to give thanks and remember the pilgrims and indians sharing. You know, some pilgrims came, they met up with some indians and shared corn… or maybe that was Pocahontas. Anyways there must have been turkeys because that is now the center of the Thanksgiving table. Our family likes to go back to our native roots and deep fry that bird because pilgrims and indians didn’t have ovens, so that is the closest we get to rotisserie style. You learn this stuff in elementary school, since then I became an English major and countless anthologies have taken place of this prior information.

I love Thanksgiving and the whole season of it. This year just seems so complicated though. It is in two weeks and no one in my family knows what they are doing because we apparently aren’t doing anything together. It is understandable why my parents are not doing the whole ordeal since there is some health recovery at the moment, but now they are most likely going out of state because they got invited. This will be the first thanksgiving without my dad in a looooong time. My two sisters and I do not even know what we are doing! We just know that the three of us can’t spend it apart. There are different options but what do you choose? The holidays seem to get more and more stressful every year. Instead of trying to enjoy them, you worry about making everyone happy. Is this just me? Does anyone else have this problem? And the older we get the more complicated it gets. I cannot wait to have my own house where I can have Thanksgiving and everyone can come to me. Until then we will make it work.

Classy Country

I have been loving this cold weather, please keep it coming! (Even though it is supposed to be warmer this weekend, boo) Lately I haven’t been picking out my outfits the night before which is bad. If I don’t pick my outfit out the night before I’m either running late to work or end up in an outfit I do not care for. I thought of this one as I was drifting off to sleep last night. I remembered my roomie gave me an oversized tan blazer she didn’t want anymore because she had another one that was too similar. I figured why not pair it with a flannel (from Target of course) and boots and look what happened, it was cute! Perfect for being casual in the office yet somewhat dressy. 


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The Road to Idiocy

Driving home from work this evening had me irrationally angry. I suppose I may have brought this on myself when I agreed that I could handle a 40 mile commute each way for a year. It is what it is, some days are better than others, although the better days are rare. Today I left work excited because I left 15 minutes earlier than normal. In doing so I assumed that traffic would be a little better. I. Was. Wrong. Leaving early actually made my drive longer! Traffic was freaking terrible. If everyone knew how to merge lanes, which seems like a simple enough task, then traffic probably wouldn’t exist. In my opinion the causes of traffic can be narrowed down to two things, lookie-loos (you know the people who have to slow down to see a car that is stalled because it is so interesting) and people who cannot merge. What do both of these have in common? They are all idiots. What makes it worse is their idiocy is contagious. You can be the best driver surrounded by idiots and suddenly you’re starting to make mistakes. This happened to me today, they had me driving like them with the slamming on the breaks action so much that I was making myself car sick, yeah that is how talented I am, I can make myself car sick.

All I wanted to do was get home. Actually what I really wanted to to was get to Trader Joe’s so I could buy me some cheese because what better way to drown your traffic sorrows but in cheesy goodness? (By the way I got Manchego ¬†and it is delicious). But instead of being able to get my cheese and be home quickly I had to be stuck in a sea of red lights yelling at the person in front of me. All I could think about was getting my cheese and how I wanted to be home and take my boots off because my feet were so hot in them (gross I know). I told you, irrationally angry. The kind of angry that only traffic can make you, the kind that even makes you mad at the radio for playing commercials, so you angrily change the station or just shut it off all together. Finally a good song came on, “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood. It was perfect for the moment, I changed the words as follows: “Maybe next time they’ll think before they cutmeoffagain”. After this song I felt a little better. I just have to remember that I should have no rush trying to get home since it’s going to take me forever anyways, so why stress?

Anyways, thanks guys for letting me vent. Don’t worry I ate my cheese, I am now content under a fuzzy purple blanket on the couch. Good night!