Make a Statement in Plaid

Although it was 100 degrees today I couldn’t wait to wear my new outfit. I got this adorable flannel at Target a week ago and instantly knew when I saw it that I wanted to wear it with my navy ankle slacks. This way I could mix casual and work attire together. Pairing it with my brown oxfords topped it off as a total Spencer Hastings outfit. I told you I’m the Spencer. The slightly matching big statement necklace tied the whole outfit together. Don’t you think?


PINspired #4

Sometimes the day just calls for denim, and a lot of it! I took advantage of one of the only cool days this week, and when I say cool I mean 88 degrees. I found another outfit on Pinterest that I could recreate easily since I had all the pieces already, I just had never thought about pairing them together. Black high waisted jeans with a blue chambray button up, completed with a pair of snakeskin flats and a gold statement necklace. LOVED this. 

Pinterest outfit: 

My version:                                

-Tragic Girls 

Dress Obsessed

Dresses are great for multiple reasons. 1- they are just cute, 2- they are the easiest outfits ever because one piece of clothing is an entire outfit! 3- there are so many different kinds. I absolutely love dresses and already have quite a few but it is not enough. You can always use more dresses. I often convince myself that I need a new dress for every new occasion. What? I can’t have ANOTHER picture in the dress I wore to the last event, right?

One of my go to sites for dresses is Lily Boutique. They have so many different kinds, in so many colors, for pretty much every occasion! I even got my bridesmaid dress there for my friend’s wedding. All of these dresses, including the one for the wedding I was in are pretty reasonably priced.

This was my dress for my friend’s wedding, along with my beautiful friend!

Lily 1

(photo by Nick Mitzenmacher

Check Lily Boutique out for awesome dresses, you won’t be sorry! Click on the tag to get there fast!
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Fall Into Burgundy Pants

I am really over this heat, it is killing me. I think I get so antsy at the end of summer because it means that my favorite season is coming… FALL! Fall is the best, I love everything about it. Apart from the fall colors, the brisk morning air, and all of the festive decorations that start to go up, of course you can guess that my favorite part of my favorite season is the style. Fall fashion is the best because you can finally wear layers without passing out or sweating. Some of this year’s fall styles are already in stores. They tend to jump the gun because of back to school shopping. That is okay with me though! I bought my first fall item over the weekend at, yes you guessed it, Target! (You all know me so well). Burgundy is such a classic fall color and you can actually wear it more than you think. These ankle slacks from Target are my favorite pants for work, this new addition is actually my fourth pair now. I also snagged this basic black and white striped tee at Target too for $9. My favorite thing lately has been dressing up basic items. This way I look nice with little effort and get to stay comfy too.

Fall please come faster and sty longer!

Burgundy pants

PINspired #3

I bought this super cute black, lace midi skirt like forever ago in hopes to recreate another outfit I found on Pinterest. I haven’t worn it because every time I have tried I felt fat. Finally yesterday I wore it! I was so happy with how it came out and it looked pretty similar to the Pinterest one! The skirt I got from Forever 21, the tank is from Target, the necklace is from Charming Charlie, the wedge sandals are Madden Girl by Steve Madden, and the purse is my usual Michael Kors. This was really a fun yet sophisticated work outfit that can be dressed up more with actual heels, or dressed down with flat sandals. 

This is the Pinterest outfit

And this is my inspired version of it

I LOVE pinning! 

-Tragic Girls 

Fitting the Mold

There are so many expectations for women today. Everywhere we look we are being told how to look and how to act. If you don’t follow these not so subtle guidelines, then you are cast out as odd or weird. I know, I get stuck in them too. I love fashion and dressing up, but sometimes it can be exhausting. Sometimes you just want to wear sweats, a baggy tee, no bra, and a messy bun and not be judged. But no, for work today I wore a super cute outfit that left an imprint around my waist and a blister on my heel. Now as I sit here writing this, in baggy shorts, a baggy tee, no bra, and my hair in a knot, I feel so comfortable and relaxed. Why is it that we have to feel less comfortable in order to be comfortable with ourselves and others? It is just a question. I will in no way be sporting this pj look to work tomorrow, I will get dressed up per my usual self. It is just interesting to think about.

I have been thinking about how we think we have to fit into this mold. It made me start thinking about my blog, and I think I am realizing what it is becoming. I have been conflicted when it comes to the main idea of my blog. The name itself is Tragic Girls. I started with tragic stories of my roomie and I. Then I decided to incorporate my love of fashion and doing style posts. I thought though that I couldn’t do both because they were so different. Then I decided it was my blog and I can do whatever I want. Well now I know. I have realized what the meaning of this blog is. I know we all try to be perfect and fit the mold of beautiful, put together, social, and smart women. I am 100% guilty of this. This blog though shows that no matter how put together I make myself seem, and to an extent have achieved, I am tragic. I trip in heels (a lot), get hungover after two drinks even when I don’t get drunk, spend money I don’t have on clothes, burn half the stuff I cook, and have seriously bad luck sometimes. This blog is where I come to be myself. Trying to fit the mold is something inevitable. The majority of us are going to try to keep up, but along the way, don’t forget yourself. Admit your flaws and laugh about them. See beauty and humor in the imperfect. If you don’t do this, you’re in for a lot of let down because none of us are perfect, no matter how close to perfect we make it appear on social media. Pictures capture a single moment in a day where life can be a roller coaster. We get to choose the moment we want to share with all of our followers in hopes of having perfect appearances. Share your tragic moments. You’ll be surprised to find at least one other person who has experienced the same thing.

We are all here trying to fit the mold like this…


But really we are looking more like this…


And thinking it is a good fit like this…

drizella 2

(Disney’s Cinderella)

Do not be afraid to be a tragic girl. I admit it all here on my blog and people I know still see me as classy and sophisticated. I just remind people that I am a real person.

XOXO- Tragic Girls      #betragic

British Friday

Fridays have turned into my boyfriend jeans day. I always seem to find a new way to style them. It is also the only day I feel is appropriate to wear ripped jeans to the office. This top that I paired with it though I LOVE. I have been waiting to wear it since I bought it almost two weeks ago from Target. I have been searching for a button up like this for a while but hadn’t been able to find one that I am in love with. You know that feeling, when it is the one you have been wanting? You just know, it is like Say Yes to the Dress, you cannot just settle for one you are so-so on. Anyways I paired this somewhat dish towel printed button up (lol) with my boyfriend jeans and added my brown oxfords to seal the deal. It is my Spencer Hastings look from Pretty Little Liars, or as my sister told me, my British man look in the best possible way. It is my “I can’t wait for fall outfit”. I took advantage of the slightly cooler weather today.Enjoy and happy FriYAY!